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“The most effective stress relief tool on the market” – dr. David O’Hare, Montreal-Canada
“Simple and amazingly effective” – Kees L. Blase, medical physicist, Loosdrecht-The Netherlands

Probably the best investment you will ever make. If you use it!

Respiroguide the most simple and effective stress relief breath pacer. It probably is the easiest one to use.
Respiroguide is brought to you by Vital-EQ the International Institute for Stress Management.
Respiroguide uses the most recent research in neurosciences and stress management, research that has been condensed into the most convenient one-touch tool. The knowledge is based on the heart's resonant frequency of 0,1Hz, which induces heart and breath coherence.
Quick start: press the play button and just breathe in and out with the yellow dot. Breath in as the dot goes up, breath out as it goes down.
The default setting is a 3 minute long exercise. This is what it takes to lower your level of stress. Research has shown that slow breathing at the frequency of 0,1 Hz will decrease the level of cortisol, the stress hormone.
It takes practicing regularly, three to four times a day, wherever you are, whenever you wish; just breathe at the pace set by the respiroguide.
If three minutes is the ideal starting set point, gradually increase the exercise lengths, but remember to do this simple exercise about three times every day. Over one week of exercising you will probably notice the effects in your body.
Background information:
Breathing at the 0,1 Hz frequency (6 per minute) for several minutes three times a day is a very powerful stress management tool inducing alert calmness and the perception of stressful stimuli is modified. Respiroguide shows decrease of test-anxiety, increase of concentration and decrease of high blood pressure.
We have wished to keep the tool simple and make into a one-touch tool, always ready as soon as the user can take the short time to synchronize his biological rhythms with the respiroguide.
There are several software and hardware tools to guide breath and heart synchronization; none of them are as simple as the respiroguide which is based on the same scientific knowledge.
Probably the best investment you will ever make. If you use it!
Two simple options:
1. Turn the sea wave sounds on and off (the waves are synchronized to the specific 0,1Hz frequency)
2. Chose the duration of the exercise; remember that the secret to stress relief is practicing several times every day, so make it simple, use the respiroguide!
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Vital-EQ, the International Institute for Stress Management.
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