Keynote speaker at international conferencies

  • Italy, Rome, 2010, "Slim with your heart rhythm"  Biofeedback Foundation Europe, 15 April 2010.
  • Netherlands, 2009, Jaarbeurs Utrecht, "Het hart als dirigent" Congres coherence in health, 9 october 2009. Meer informatie:
  • Netherlands, 2009, "Healing and selfregulation of emotions by HRV-biofeedbackBiofeedback Foundation Europe, Eindhoven, February 2009.
  • Austria, 2008 “HRV patterns in different emotions” Biofeedback Foundation Europe, Salzburg February 2008.
  • Netherlands, 2007: “Inzicht in de samenwerking tussen hart en brein” op Remedial Touch Jaarbeurs Utrecht.
  • Netherlands, 2007: “HartFocus".
  • Austria, 2006: “Meanings affect the heart” at the World Conference Solution Focussed Coaching, Vienna 2006. Publication free available in the webshop of HartFocus.
  • New Zealand, 2005: “The remarkable role of the heart in learning” at the Learning Conference October 2005 in Auckland.
  • Belgium, 2005: “HeartFocus emotion management in stress” at the conference Biofeedback Foundation Europe in Hasselt, March 2005.
  • Netherlands, 2004, “Music, Resilience and Trauma,”  Musicians without Borders / WarChild, Utrecht.
  • Germany, 2004, “Wie Herzintelligenz die Lernfähigkeit verbessert” Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Suggestopedisches Lernen, Freising.
  • Germany, 2003 “Herzintelligenz und  Stressmanagement” National Kinesiology congress in Germany, 2003.
  • Italy, 1989 “Equal Opportunities in education" in Milano.
  • EEC,1988, “Equal Opportunities in Education", at EEC conference, Brussels 1988.
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